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Custom content for commercial broadcast, games and film. Guild Designs new media covering the complete production pipeline, from concept to completion.

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  • Photo Study
    3D Studio Max, Vray
  • Dakota's Dragon
    Client: Puffs Plus
  • Power Phantom
    Directors Cut
  • Honda
  • Cloud animation
  • How Many Ways
    Rice Crispies
  • Movie Bumpers
    Cartoon Network
  • Warm Entry
    Freedom Pics
  • Modern Farmhouse
    Lighting Study
  • Sweet, But Not Too Sweet
    Oreo Thins, China
  • Toy Dragon
    Puffs Plus
  • Nestle Shakissimo
    Holographic Projections
  • Struct v1
    360 Stereo Animation
  • Sunlit Bedroom
    Lighting Study
  • Studio Apartment
    Lighting Study
  • Lumberd Vinyl Toy
    Character Design
  • DOF & Light Temperature
    Lighting Study
  • Vortek Trailer
    Mobile Game
  • Polaroid Vintage
    Lighting Study
  • Spirit of the Lantern
    Wynn Casino Lake of Dreams
  • Grandpa's Escape
    Animated Short
  • Haus
    Character Design
  • Spinal Column
    Anatomy Study
  • Credit Card Terminal Setup
    Greater Giving
  • Women in Tech
    Client: Holly Justice
  • En, the dreaded
    Character Design
  • Portrait
    Life Draw
  • Warrior Babe
    Reference Credits Pending
  • Free Sketch 217
  • Christopher