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Custom content for commercial broadcast, games and film. Guild Designs new media covering the complete production pipeline, from concept to completion.

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ASTRL: Treatment

Description   ASTRL; a VR Game that places players in an abstract deep-space environment, where they maintain the life of and communicate with astral bodies, craft powerful forms of energy and explore nth dimensional realities.   References:   Narrative   Pt. 1 - A Meeting   Our player finds herself in a well lit [...]

ASTRL, A VR Concept from the machine

To be continued and developed as a serial endeavor, the ASTRL concept employs novel mechanics in a self-referential narrative with philosophical and technocentric overtones. I began the exploration on Pinterest, inspired by nebulas, nautical maps, art deco, alchemy and space / mind travel like that found in Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. The exploration was [...]